Safe in New York Cityutwór z albumu Stiff Upper Lip oraz singel z 2000 roku.

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AC DC - Safe In New York City04:00

AC DC - Safe In New York City

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Hello baby gimme your hand
Check out the high spots the lay of the land
You don't need a rocket or a big limousine
Come on over baby and I'll make you obscene

I feel safe in New York city

All over the city and down to the dives
Don't mess with this place it'll eat you alive
Got lip smackin' honey to soak up the jam
'On top of the world ma' ready to slam

I feel safe in New York city

Movin' all over like a jumpin' bean
Take a look at that thing in the tight ass jeans
Comin' your way now you may be in luck
Don't you fret boy she's ready to buck

I feel safe in New York city

I feel safe in a cage in New York city

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Brian Johnson Angus Young Cliff Williams Malcolm Young Phil Rudd

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