Love at First Feel – jedyny singel z albumu Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Jego długość wynosi 3 minuty i 12 sekund.

Tekst Edytuj

you never told me where you came from
you never told me your name
I didn't know if you were legal tender
but I’d spent you just the same
and I didn't think it could happen to me
but I fell in love in the first degree
it was love at first feel
love at first feel
love at first feel
first touch was too much

they told me it was disgustin’
told me it was a sin
saw me knockin' on your front door
saw me smile when you let me in
you and me baby we’s all alone
let's get somethin ‘goin while your mum and dad ain't home
love at first feel
it was love at first feel, just like they said
love at first feel
feel good just like I knew it would

(love at first feel)
it was (love at first feel)
(love at first feel)
it was a love at first feel, an I never touched ya
love at first feel, lightning bolts on my fingertips
(love at first feel), love at first feel

love at first feel
love at first feel
love at first feel
love at first feel

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Bon Scott Angus Young Mark Evans Malcolm Young Phil Rudd

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